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Wimbledon Local Cleaners FAQ

A: Not at all, all detergents and techniques have been developed in a way that will not interfere with your everyday life. They leave no toxic or chemical footprint in the textiles we clean, meaning they are absolutely family and pet safe.

A: Be sure that we get easy access to the carpet/rug/furniture we are about to clean, as well as a close access parking spot for our truck to park. We have heavy machines that need to be moved, and we would greatly appreciate the effort.

A: Yes, with them and any other piece of furniture or carpet you have for us. We use all natural ingredients, with dry compounds that do not harm or shrink the rug while also rejuvenating its colours and fibers.

A: Yes we can, and we do it quickly and it is quite affordable.

A: Yes we can, we specialize in their proper and final removal from any surface of your home. Using special chemical free equipment we can guarantee that these buggers will never come back.

A: In a sense yes, that way you can give your family the cleanest possible life, however, too often is not good neither for the carpet/rug/upholstery nor yourself.

A: Depending on the weather and the thickness of the carpet, but we are looking at times between 2-3 hours. Of course we can expedite this process by using our special air movers, about which you can find more by calling 020 3746 8220.